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Back Office is a safe composed of two secure reinforced modules designed to safeguard paying in money, both coins and banknotes. One of the two modules is equipped with a highly efficient note deposit which accepts bundles of 50 notes which are counted and stacked into an easy holder at a speed of around 7 notes per second. When the machine is open the reader runs on robust wheels which allow it to be completely taken out of the machine in order to carry out routine maintenance easily. On the other hand the other module is set up to receive coins via a convenient hatch which allows coins to be deposited in bulk in two parallel cash systems able to count, validate and sort coins that are deposited at a rate of approximately 15 coins per second into 6 belt driven hoppers below. The same hoppers which can hold around 20,000 coins can be used for withdrawals and coins are channelled towards a single opening adapted to fit bank money bags. In the DELUXE model in the banknote module there is also a three size note dispenser for a maximum of 1500 notes which provides users with the option of withdrawing notes. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are only authorised on recognition of users via a card and password in the same way that machine opening and access to the machine Menu are authorised. Different levels of access can be set on different cards. Locking is activated electronically and once authorisation for unblocking is received by the computer that manages the machine and all transactions, a time delay can be set on opening as a further guarantee and safety mechanism against attempted thefts and robbery. Back Office can be connected to management systems that can internally manage money tracking, tracking takings, deposits, withdrawals and payments. Back Office in its typical safe structure can be completely customised to give a classic and smart appearance.

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Touch screen monitor 15’’
Banknote acceptor: Glory UD 700
Fujitsu 3 cassettes for banknote dispensing
Double coin acceptance system
Coin dispensers: 6 single coin hoppers
Card reader with ID recognition for opening and accessing menus
Reinforced cabinet: 2.5mm thick
Dual locking system with electronic control
12 steel hooks on main door


Banknotes: Glory UD 700: It accepts up to 50 banknotes at a time and stored up to 4,000 banknotes
Fujitsu dispenser: up to 1,500 banknotes (500 per cassette)
Coins: up to 20,000 euro-mix coins


Weight 180 kg
(L)129 cm x (W)87 cm x (H)140 cm