Project Description


blindosenzanome - Blindo - vne -

Patented wall fixing system applicable for all VNE models of coin and coin/ banknote change machines. A system that makes it extremely difficult to move the device from its location due to three pins with springs which prevent any tool used for lock picking or wrenching from prising the device away from the wall. One side is fixed to the wall with special self-threading screws and on the other side the change machine is secured. No force can be applied to the side against the wall, nor to the change machine. Available in various sizes according to the device that needs to be safeguarded.

blindo frontale vne - Blindo - vne -blindo frontale vne 140x80 - Blindo - vne -
blindo tre quarti sinistra vne - Blindo - vne -blindo tre quarti sinistra vne 140x80 - Blindo - vne -
blindo tre quarti destra vne - Blindo - vne -blindo tre quarti destra vne 140x80 - Blindo - vne -