Project Description


COLONNA senza ribbon – VNE

Safe and sturdy Change machine that can be installed outside in car parks, public parks, near to self service fuel stations, shopping trolleys and in any location where tokens or money need to be changed. The column accepts both banknotes and coins and distributes coins and tokens owing to its two high capacity single or multi coin denomination distributors. All the peripheral devices are high temperature and humidity resistant and equipped with anti-condensation systems inside. With an updated, unique and refined design. All transactions and money can be controlled remotely via any fixed or mobile device that can be connected to the internet or via our free app. The column can also be powered by batteries which are recharged via solar panels located on top of the machine itself.

COLONNA senza ribbon – VNE


  • 2 belt-driven hoppers or 2 multi coin denomination hoppers to handle 3 different types of coin at the same time
  • Coin acceptor with bundler
  • Coin acceptor
  • Accounting display of notes inserted and coins distributed
  • Big Display with high visibility
  • Completely programmable via the menu
  • Option to run on solar energy


  • CCTALK communication protocol
  • 2.5 mm reinforced bodywork
  • High Quality Peripheral devices, secure and effective against fraud and tampering attempts
  • Dual locking mechanism


  • Approximately 3000 coins
  • Banknotes 400 in stacker (bigger stackers also available)