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Project Description



Machine for the loading and unloading of small online gaming accounts based on the PC platform. In its basic version it manages a recycler of 2-denomination banknotes, a money acceptor and a payer of coins of all denominations. Game account can be identified with the machine by a card or by entering a password and inserting banknotes and coins can recharge your account as well as withdraw cash. Operations are facilitated by the use of a very comfortable monitor 10-inch touch screen that allows the account holder to perform each operation in a very intuitive manner. This machine can also be combined with other services such as payment of utilities, recharge of phone cards, and fidelity cards and much more. More advanced, the machine also allows the user to create his own game account by identifying it with the health card or tax code and / or through a camera to scan the identity document. The opening of the main door is electronically controlled and is unlocked after identification by card by the operator and may also have a delay on the opening itself as a security against theft. Also access to the menu can be done only by recognizing the operator and can be set various levels of access and functions. The machine can be connected online via ADSL network and can be managed and controlled remotely to means of a website or a convenient App. LOGIKO presents itself in a classic design that respects the ergonomic heights for the insertion and dispensing of money. Its plexiglass cover on the front door can be customized with various colors and logos.

Logico Online Frontale - Logiko online account credit - vne -Logico Online Frontale 140x80 - Logiko online account credit - vne -
Logico Online 3 4 - Logiko online account credit - vne -Logico Online 3 4 140x80 - Logiko online account credit - vne -


  • 10 “touch screen
  • Industrial PC with solid state drive, two network ports. Linux operating system to ensure high security.
  • JCM iPRO-RC banknote recycler:
    – Acceptance of all banknote denominations, with inhibitions con gurable.
    – Payment with up to two denominations of banknotes, con gurable. With a capacity of up to 100 banknotes per payment, total up to 200 banknotes. – 400-note cash box.
  • NRI G13 coin acceptor:
    – Con gurable acceptance from 1c to 2 €. – Coins with large capacity.
  • Sanei SK1-31 roller printer: – 80mm paper.
  • CRT-288K Card Reader Creator:
    – LetturacardChip / Bandamagnetica / RFID.


  • Safe closing: the door is closed on 10 di erent piles of 6mm steel lock.
  • Electronic additional lock: To protect the door front, in addition to the normal mechanical lock there is a second electronic lock managed by the software of the machine. The possibility of timing the opening of the machine is present.
  • Internal UPS, to protect the machine from blackouts.
  • Website: the machine has its own internal website accessible from the internet or from the local network, depending on the needs. This allows you to read all the information of the machine without being in front of it, from the contents to the status of the peripheral devices, from the list of the reloads to all the transactions occurred etc.


  • Innovative Technology Smart Hopper coin payer:- Con gurable payment from 1c to 2 €.
    – Capacity about 3500 mixed coins.
    – Coins with large capacity applicable below the hopper to manage coin over ow and emptying


  • Camera with autofocus for recording documents.
  • Newland FM-420 Barcode reader:- 1D / 2D barcode reading capability
    – Reading capability also from smarphone / tablet screen.


  • Weight 150 kg
  • Dimensions 40 cm x 41 cm x 164 cm