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Project Description



New Compact Change is a coin change or token change machine, a simple column structure, compact, reinforced frame and greatly reduced dimensions that make it suitable for any location. Ability to quickly and efficiently change banknotes into coins or tokens. It can handle from between one and three different denominations of coins, dispensing in the latter case, change for a note put into the machine, with a mix of coin denominations that are in the dispenser.New Compact Change presents an updated design, unique and refined and offering the possibility to customise the plexiglass front screenprint to your business with various colours and logos.

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  • 1 belt driven hopper or 1 sorting hopper to handle 3 different coin denominations at the same time
  • Option of Bonus setting
  • Accounting display of banknotes entered, coins dispensed and any Bonus
  • 4 line Display
  • Completely settable via menu


  • CCTALK communication protocol
  • 2.5mm reinforced device frame
  • 8 steel safety fasteners on main door
  • High quality peripheral devices, secure and reliable against attempts of fraud and tampering.
  • Dual locking mechanism.


  • Approximately 3000 coins


Banknote scanner with or without stacker; Belt driven Hopper for single coin denomination; Azkoyen multi-coin sorting Hopper


  • Weight 55 kg
  • Dimensions 28.5 cm x 40 cm x 150 cm