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Machine for fuel stations

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Petrol Station is a medium sized machine at the fuel station that manages situations where fuel filling is not carried out or only partially completed. The current ticketing system used by all companies where, if fuel is not filled as per the amount required and paid for by a customer, or only partially filled, the self-service machine is programmed to issue a ticket which can only be refunded at another time and only in the same fuel station that issues the ticket. Petrol Station on the other hand, is able to dispense the amount refundable (in notes or coins) via the introduction or scanning of the code related to the receipt issued by the fuel station (petrol, diesel and GPL) and therefore avoids the inconvenience of having to go back another time, which often makes customers buy lower quantities of fuel. Petrol Station also has a bill breaker function and can therefore accept bigger notes to be changed into smaller ones and as well it is able to automate methane purchases by accepting money and dispensing change at the time of purchase It works from a PC platform with a TFT touch screen as a user interface which make transactions simple and quick to carry out. The cabinet is extremely secure, with a reinforced frame, fixable to the ground via a special bracket, and the access door closes electronically, openable only by recognition of the user on presenting their card and password. This machine can also be fixed to a wall and loaded from the back. It is possible in addition to apply a time delay to door opening as an anti-theft measure, the same system that is used in banks. This piece of equipment configures itself, loads and unloads, only on recognition of authorised operators and every operation is recorded and trackable by the machine itself, offering the option of printing off a list with all details. The machine is connectible online via ADSL, so that it can be managed and controlled remotely. With its classic column shape it can be personalised both in terms of colour and logo on the main door in the smart plexiglass panel.

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  • 3 sorting hoppers (able to handle all coin denominations) or single coin denominations
  • Coin counting system
  • Banknote deposit and dispensing system


  • Reinforced device frame: 2.5mm thickness
  • 10 steel safety fasteners on the main door
  • Double locking system with electronic release


  • Coins: Maximum of 6,000 pieces
  • Banknotes:
    Banknote deposit: 600 banknotes in cash drawer (bigger cash drawers available)
    Banknote recycler: 200 banknotes in recycle circulation, for deposit and payment (2 denominations) and 400 in stacker (Optional)
    Banknote dispenser: from 2 to 5 dispensing drawers, 500 banknotes in each.


Banknote scanner; Coin deposit; Coin dispenser; Card reader; Ticket reader (optional); Bank note dispenser; Bank note recycler (optional); Receipt and report Printer


  • Weight 180 kg
  • Dimensions 59 cm x 48 cm x 170 cm