Project Description


accesso remoto senza ribbon vne - Remote Access - vne -
Implement the remote access to change machines, it is necessary to have a module which will allow you to connect all the machines to the internet. The module can be integrated on every change machine model, including those already present on the market. It can be connected to the net through an Ethernet cable or through a GPRS connection. Once connected, it will be possible to visualise your change machines through our portal at the following address: . Once you enter username and password you will be able to see the list of all the machines with remote access. The maintenance of machines will be easier and more efficient. The portal is on a VNE server; in this way your data is not accessible to a third person. The real data is stored inside the machine and is seen through the browser just once the machine is questioned. To do that, it is necessary to know the username and password. The latter is encrypted and even VNE won’t be able to see this. The portal can be seen with every kind of browser; in this way it can be accessible from every device such as a PC, smartphone, tablet etc. Finally, it is available as a GPS control system visualising the route of the machine in case of theft.
accesso remoto schermo vne - Remote Access - vne -accesso remoto schermo vne 140x80 - Remote Access - vne -
accesso remoto interno vne - Remote Access - vne -accesso remoto interno vne 140x80 - Remote Access - vne -
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