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High capacity VLT ticket change machine based on PC platform. In the DELUXE model this machine manages a banknote and bar coded ticket acceptor and dispenses coins and banknotes. It operates with 4 single coin or multi coin denomination hoppers in combination which enables the machine to pay VLT or betting ticket amounts with an accuracy down to the last cent and it can dispense up to 4 different banknote denominations with a total capacity of around 8000 notes owing to its highly professional note dispenser. A VLT winning ticket must be provisionally validated in the dealership system and then inserted and validated in the Royal Cash system via a highly professional scanner. Once the winning amount, via the operation described, has been unequivocally matched to the bar code, the original ticket is inserted into the machine which will in turn pay out the winnings only once. The machine is also equipped with a bill breaker function and can therefore take big notes to change into smaller notes or coins. The change denominations can be chosen by users with a convenient 15″ Touch screen which makes transactions simple and intuitive. If winnings exceed the limit accorded by law as an anti-money laundering measure, the machine does not allow cash payment transactions. In this case the machine is able to use an attached device which can dispense cheques for the amount needed via checks and authorisation on recognition of an authorised operator badge. For handling bets, the machine is equipped with a scanner stamper device capable of approving and stacking betting tickets in accordance with Italian law. Once the ticket is accepted, the machine contacts the Server of the provider which then communicates the amount to pay and permanently cancels the receipt. In the DELUXE model the machine is also capable of issuing and handling payments of VOUCHERS due to it being fitted with a banknote deposit or recycler and a bar code reader. In this case users can buy a VOUCHER directly from the machine using either coin or banknote payments in order to then place bets at the various betting terminals in the betting facility. If the VOUCHER is not completely used, it can be re-inserted into the machine which can then give back any money not spent, either in coins or notes. In this case the betting facility is fully automated. Royal Cash can be used also as a Currency exchange, it can therefore accept various currencies to be exchanged, with an applicable and up-to-date exchange rate as per the rate on line, into one or more currencies. Opening the main door is controlled electronically and can only be activated on recognition of an authorised personnel badge and can also include a time delay as an extra anti-theft security measure. Access to the menu can also only be authorised on recognition of operators and various levels of access and functions can be set. In addition operator badges can be used as a card that can be loaded with a capped amount of money that the authorised operator can then be dispensed from the machine. The machine can be connected online via ADSL and can be managed and controlled remotely through a website or an extremely easy to use App. Royal Cash DELUXE has a classic and minimalist safe box design which is especially designed with consideration given to ergonomic heights for inserting and dispensing money. Its plexiglass cover on the front door panel can be customised with various colours and logos.

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  • Banknote and Ticket deposit with stacker
  • 15.6″ Touch screen
  • Banknote and ticket deposit:
    – Stacker capacity: 600 or 1000 banknotes
  • NMD100 Bank note dispenser:
    Up to 4 different denominations in 4 different drawers.
    Capacity of up to 2000 banknotes per drawer, for a total of 8000 banknotes.
    Fast Payments – 7/8 banknotes per second.
    The banknotes for a single payment, are dispensed in a single bunch, the same as ATM cashpoints.
  • Card reader: for magnetic cards, with chip, or RFID/NFC
  • Printer: Tito or alternatively coupons/receipts
  • Coin dispensing module with 4 single coin denomination or multi denomination hoppers


  • Internal UPS to protect the machine from blackouts.
  • 10 x 6mm steel fasteners on main door.
  • Reinforced device frame: 2.5mm thickness
  • Electronic closing: to protect money compartment. In addition to the normal locking system, there is an electronic closing system which can be set with a timer, as per bank vaults.


  • Coins: around 5000 pieces in total divided among 4 hoppers
  • Banknotes and inserted tickets, 600 in stacker (higher capacity stackers available as optional)
  • Banknotes for payment up to 8000 pieces (2000 notes per drawer)


Industrial PC platform; Banknote and ticket scanner with stacker; Banknote recycler (optional); Bar code reader (optional); Betting ticket reader/stamper (optional); 4 disc single coin denomination hoppers or multi coin denomination hoppers (optional); Card reader for machine opening and access to Menu; Glory banknote dispenser with 4 drawers with a capacity of 2000 notes per drawer ; Printer; PC for validating VLT tickets; VLT Ticket reader; Cheque Printer (Optional); UPS


  • Weight 200 kg
  • Dimensions 56 cm x 78 cm x 139.5 cm