Project Description


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Virtual Credit is a device which centralises money flows, cash and electronic, within a private circuit. The machine is especially suitable for businesses such as tourist villages, hotels, health spas etc, where inside the business there are several sales points or points where services are provided and where it is desirable to offer customers the convenience of payment using a personalised loyalty card. This smart system eliminates the annoyance of having to carry cash or credit cards for customers and guests. The card can be delivered to customers and guests at the reception of the structure where the guest is and used to enjoy the various services available within the site. The customer/guest will be able to add credit to the card with banknotes, coins or Pos and use the virtual money to make various purchases on site. When leaving the site they can easily collect the remainder of credit on the card directly from the machine, either in coins or banknotes. In addition, within the business structure, there is one single secure point where the money is kept which is therefore safeguarded in a reinforced safe box equipped with an electronically locking door which opens only on recognition of an authorised staff member on presenting an authorised operator badge and entering a password. It is also possible to program a time delay on opening, similar to bank vault opening systems to guarantee anti-theft protection. Via ADSL connection the machine can also be managed and controlled remotely and is capable of providing all necessary data to authorised persons for monitoring business progress and the machine’s status. Virtual Credit has an elegant and functional design and can be customised with different colours and logos on the front door panel which is covered with a top quality plexiglass finish.

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  • Coin deposit
  • Banknote deposit
  • Coin dispenser
  • Banknote dispenser
  • Crediting and debiting cards


  • Reinforced device frame: 2.5mm thickness
  • 10 steel safety fasteners on the main door
  • Double locking system with electronic release


  • Coins: Maximum of 10,000 pieces
  • Banknotes:
    – JCM iPRO: 200 banknotes in recycle circulation (2 sizes) and 400 in the stacker
    – F53: 5 dispensing drawers, 500 banknotes in each.


  • Weight 180 kg
  • Dimensions 59 cm x 48 cm x 170 cm