Project Description

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Coin change machines and banknote change machines kingko fronte - KING-KO - vne -


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Machines that, in addition to the classic money changer function, accept coins and change them into banknotes and accept banknotes to change them into smaller denominations.

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Strong points

  • Large capacity banknote changer suitable for any type of commercial activity
  • The money is always safe thanks to the anti-theft system
  • Operator recognition, the personnel identify themselves to access the machine
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Remotely controllable
  • The cash counting and transaction reconciliation activity is immediate
  • Allows the purchase of services such as telephone top-ups and bill payments
  • Plus, the purchase of prepaid debit cards
  • Possibility of topping up and reducing the betting account by means of a financial instrument to manage cash
  • Supports user registration with a dealer’s gaming account

Technical features


  • Can be used with or without management software
  • Monitor 27’’
  • Banknote recycler: JCM Ipro, 2 denominations
  • Coin introduction acceptance system
  • Coin dispenser: 2 signle hoppers
  • Printer
  • Card reader for ID recognition for opening and accessing menus
  • Reinforced cabinet: 2.5mm thick
  • Dual locking system


  • Banknotes: JCM Ipro 400 banknotes in the stacker and 200 in recycling
  • Coins: Approximately 600 coins


  • Banknote recycler: MEI 2 denominations
  • Banknote recycler: JCM UBA RQ 4 denominations
  • Barcode reader


  • Weight 70 kg
  • Dimensions: (L)37 cm x (W)33 cm x (H)136 cm