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Advanced Coin and Token Change Machine

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Token Change is a reinforced coin and token change machine, secure and reliable like its progenitor Mini Secure Change. Token Change, in fact, faithfully replicates the dimensions and features but it has a token dispenser mounted on the front which enables the machine to also change coins and banknotes into tokens with the change dispensed in coins. It can also accept coins to dispense tokens in return or coins of a different denomination from the coins inserted. Furthermore it can manage a series of bonus functions on dispensing tokens which can be programmed simply and quickly via the same machine. The inserted coins and banknotes are channelled into a special safe, which is inaccessible on opening the door, divided into various securely locked compartments. This is a classic but superb Change machine, a master due to its mechanical engineering, with simple, practical and secure solutions that make a simple coin/token change machine a truly safe cash box. Token Change has a classic column design and offers the option of customising the front plexiglass screen with various different colours and logos available.

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Banknote acceptor: NV9 (with stacker) or NV10 (without stacker)
Coin acceptor: G13, it is used to change large denomination coins into small denomination coins or coins into tokens
Coin dispensers: 2 single coin hoppers, with extensions for larger capacities
Armoured cabinet: 2.5mm thick
Dual locking system
10 steel hooks on main door


Banknotes: 600 per stacker
Coins: up to 9,000 euro-size coins (4,500 for each hopper)


Reinforced wall anchoring
Ground anchoring


Weight 65 kg
(L)37 cm x (W)33 cm x )H)136 cm