Project Description

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4pay is suitable for a wide range of commercial activities. This machine can be connected to any management software in the business, and also act stand-alone or thanks to the scanner solution. Accepting all denominations of coins and banknotes, it returns the exact change to Customers and can be connected online via ADSL to be managed by remote, granting transparency and a constant 24/7 business control. Thanks to the automated payments, the essential hygienic standards for food-activities are guaranteed. Moreover, security of each transaction is assured, leaving out possible shrinkage, counting errors and minimizing potential theft. The machine also assures total efficiency, as it will automatically count daily income at the end of the day. The 4 note denomination recycler and the advanced CREOM CRMS coin system grant speed and reliability to each transaction. The machine can be customized with any logo or graphic to fit various locations and styles.

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Strong points

  • Improving hygienic standards: counter staff no longer have contact with money
  • User-friendly: self-explanatory operator guidance
  • Flexible: can be used with or without connection to scales or cash register
  • Fast: it speeds up your sales processes and reduces waiting time, processing banknotes in 2 seconds, counting 7 coins per second and paying out 3600 coins per minute
  • Extra-Safe: it avoids counting errors, fraud attempts and theft and stores the money in a 4 mm steel cabinet
  • Controllable: remotely controllable thanks to VNE app and accessible through ID recognition

Technical features

• Banknote recycler: JCM UBA Pro RQ 4 denominations
• Hopper for depositing and dispensing coins: CREOM CRM-8

• Banknotes: 400 pieces in the stacker and 120 in recycling 1 banknote every 2 seconds in deposit and 1 banknote per second in dispensing
• Coins: 8 hoppers up to 280 pieces each; up to 4 coins per second in acceptance and dispensing
• Armoured shell: 4 mm thick

• Weight 95 kg
• Dimensions (W)42 cm x (D)48 cm x (H)57 cm