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E-Change is an armoured, outdoor change machine, very compact in size compared to its large capacity. It can change notes into coins and coins into other coins, quickly and efficiently. It can manage up to 3 single coil hoppers to dispense up to three different coins. The machine can be managed and controlled remotely by means of a simple App by installing the remote kit which, via an M2M card with Gprs connection on a dedicated vpn, provides data on the status and stock of the machine and sends preset messages. Also, through the GPS system, in case of non-voluntary removal from the chosen location, it sends a message that allows you to monitor the journey in real time.
E-Change has a simple design and a structure that protects it from the elements, with the possibility of customising the front plexiglass screen printing using different colours and logos.

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Banknote acceptor: NV9 (with stacker)
Coin dispensers: 3 single coin hoppers, with extensions for larger capacities
Armoured cabinet: 2.5mm thick
Weather protection with base, roof and sides
Dual locking system
10 steel hooks on main door


Banknotes: 600 per stacker
Coins: up to 6,000 euro-size coins


Ground anchoring


Weight 100 kg
(L)74.3 cm x (W)56.4 cm x (H)173.2 cm