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Service Machine, which thanks to an agreement with a financial institution authorised to operate in the Italian territory, allows the creation, deposit and withdrawal of funds from online gaming accounts. LOGIKO therefore guarantees total compliance with regulations concerning the traceability of cash flows, operator identification and money laundering, in an entirely automated manner. It manages a 2 denomination- banknote recycler, a coin acceptor and coin payout for all denominations. The gaming account owners’ can identify themselves, top up their account or withdraw money from it. Transactions are facilitated by the use of a 10 inch touch screen, through which it is possible to purchase services such as mobile phone credit, fidelity cards, utility payments and much more.
The main door is electronically controlled and is released through identification thanks to an operator badge. Opening can also be delayed as a security measure. Access to the menu is only possible after operator authentication and various access levels and functions can be configured.
The machine can be managed and controlled by remote from a website or convenient App. Logiko features a classic design, in respect of ergonomic heights for the insertion and distribution of money. Its plexiglass frontcover on the front door can be customised with various colours and logos.

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Touch screen monitor 10’’
Banknote recycler: JCM Ipro
Coin acceptor: Coin acceptor NRI G13
Coin dispensers: 1 Multi-denomination hopper with extension for larger capacities
Barcode reader
Card reader for ID recognition and menu access
Armoured cabinet: 2.5mm thick
Dual locking system with electronic control
10 steel hooks on main door


Banknotes: Banknote recycler: 400 banknotes in the stacker and 200 in recycler
Coins: Approximately 3500 euro-size coins


Wall anchoring
Ground anchoring


Weight 100 kg
(L)42 cm x (W)43 cm x (H)165 cm